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Cembre is an Italian manufacturer of low and medium voltage components, and products for railway applications

Solidcure has a huge stock of cembre components, and a repair center for the maintenance of the cembre tools.  

Solidcure is a certified distributor of all Cembre products.

The offices, factory, workshops and services of Cembre comprise a 60.000 m². All products sold by Cembre are manufactured in-house. 

Solidcure is selling:

  • Electrical connectors
  • Installation tooling and equipment
  • Cable glands
  • Products for the railway
  • Identification and labelling systems
Solidcure also offers a repair and rental service 

Electrical connectors

Electrical connectors for switchgear and control panels. Ideal for installing low and medium voltage conductors. Matched to Cembre tooling and dies for crimping.

Installation tooling and equipment

Tooling and equipment for crimping electrical connectors and preparing conductors. Matched to Cembre connectors and dies for best practice crimping

Products for the railway sector

Products for railway electrical connections and machinery for track maintenance

Identification and labeling systems

Thermal transfer printers and the widest range of markers, tags and legends for industrial applications.

Repair service

Send us your tool for reparation 
All Cembre tools can be repaired or refurbished in our repair shop
You can also contact us to buy spare parts if you want to do the repair yourself. 

Rental service

Looking for a special that you only need to use once?
Do you need extra tools for a certain amount of time?
We have the most common Cembre tools and press heads available for rental
Only available in the BENELUX

Catalogues Cembre

General Catalogue

electrical connectors, cable glands, mechanical and pneumatic tools, bench press tools, hydraulic crimping tools and cutters, cordless hydraulic tools, hydraulic pumps and units, die selector charts

Identification and labeling systems

Thermal transfer sheet printer markinggenius, thermal transfer roll printer rolly3000, all labels and accessories

Products for railway applications (EN)

rail web electrical connection system, rail track maintenance tools

Matériels ferroviaires (FR)

connexions rails, matériel de maintenance de rails.

Flyer (EN)

Flyer with an overview of cable lugs and connectors, hydraulic crimping and cutting tools, insulated cable connections and end sleeves, cable glands, identification and labeling systems

Flyer (NL)

Overzichtsflyer: kabelschoenen en doorverbinders, hydraulisch hand persgereedschap, hydraulisch accu persgereedschap, geïsoleerde verbinders en adereindhulzen, wartels, markerings- en label printers

Flyer (FR)

Flyer avec vue d'ensemble: cosses et manchons, outils hydrauliques de sertissage et de coupe, outils hydrauliques à batterie, pompes hydrauliques portables, cosses préisolées et manchons d'extrémités, presses etoupe, systèmes signalétique industrielle