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Custom insulators

Materials are:

  • epoxy
  • porcelain
  • silicone 
  • polyester, polyamide
  • paper or glasfiber reïnforced resins


Custom parts are typically made for: 

  • Parts used in electrical equipment
  • Parts used for power generation
  • Parts for traction: railwaytrammetro 
  • Industrial applications: chemical industrysteel industry, electrolysis applications
  • Parts used for retrofit activities: obsolete parts or spare parts that are too expensive can be made


  • In our design department a 3D model of the part and the mould is designed (1)
  • The mould is manufactured in-house (2)
  • The part is manufactured in-house (3)


  • All tests according to IEC and ANSI can be performed: type tests, sample tests and routine tests.
    • Mechanical tests
    • Electrical tests
    • Short circuit current tests     
    • Oil tightness tests

Examples of custom parts