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Copper tube crimping lugs according to DIN 46235

For copper conductors

DR series lugs are manufactured from electrolytic copper tube and designed to obtain high electrical conductivity combined with the mechanical strength required to resist vibration and pull out.

DR series lugs are manufactured from electrolytic copper tube Cu-OF CW008A conform to UNI EN 13600.

The annealing process optimizes the structural features of the material allowing easier crimping and greater resistance to mechanical stresses. 

Dimensions are according to DIN 46235.

The barrel entrance of the lug is chamfered to allow easy conductor insertion, while its length facilitates precise positioning in the crimping die. 

Each lug is marked with:

  • Cembre logo and part code
  • Conductor type and csa (mm2).
  • Stud Ø (mm).
  • Crimping die code (Kennzahl) Consult us for special requirements

Crimping through connectors according to DIN 46267 T.1

For copper conductors

DSV series through connectors are manufactured from electrolytic Copper tube with a purity greater than 99.9%, annealed and surface protected by tin plating.Internal and external dimensions match those of DR series lugs. Chamfered ends and a central stopvprovide easy and correct insertion of the conductor.