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Euromold separable connectors

Separable connectors are designed to connect polymeric insulated cable to equipment such as transformers, switchgear, motors…

These products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The thick conductive EPDM jacket provides a total safe to touch screen which ensures safety for personnel.


Interface A connector

Discover the new interface A connector

Interface A1 according to EN50180 and EN50181

Full redesign based on 3 principles: 

  • Simple
  • Maximum value
  • ecological

Easy to order: 

  • One size fits all per voltage class 
  • max 2 
  • Only two references 

Easy to install: 

  • Very short preparation length
  • No special tools or training required


  • 2 sizes for the elbow type (200LR) and 2 sizes for the straight type (200SR)
  • max 250A, 24V, 150mm2



Dimensions interface A bushing

Connector interface B

Interface B according to EN50180 and EN50181

12kV/17.5kV/24kV/36kV – 400A

  • Elbow connector (400LR)
  • Tee connector (400TE)



Dimensions interface B bushing

Connector interface C

Interface C1 C2 according to EN50180 and EN50181

12kV/24kV/36kV/42kV – 1250A


  • Tee connector (480TB, 484TB, 489TB, 430TB)
  • Coupling connector (800PB, 804PB, 809PB, 300PBM)
  • Straight connector (450SR)
  • Surge arrester (800SA)


  • Tee connector (400TB, 440TB)
  • Coupling connector (440PB)
  • Surge arrestor (400PB-10SA)

Testrods (400TR,400TR-LB) 

Interface C compact

Interface C symmetric

Dimensions interface C bushing

Connector interface D, E, F

Jumpers and test leads

Jumpers are prefabricated lengths of cable on which separable connectors or terminations are installed on each end. Jumpers are used as fixed solutions in windturbines, transformers,…
Test leads are typically used to perform tests on electrical installations, transformers, motors…


Jumpers comprise:

  • Connector or termination adapted to the chosen interface type and chosen voltage class
  • Cable
  • A screen wire finishing with an earthing lug is standard.

Other finishings are available upon request.
All Jumpers are standard tested for AC withstand and partial discharge before leaving the factory. Other tests can be done on request.