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Metal production, Electro winning, Electro Refining

ESP Insulators

 Solidcure sells the most common used parts, and manufactures custom parts for electrostatic precipitators. Available parts are: 

  • Post insulators
  • Shaft insulators
  • Conical and cilindrical insulators
  • Wall bushings
  • Cable terminations

Solutions for electro refining and electro winning

  • Metal production and recycling
  • Copper, zinc, lead, aluminum and nickle electro-refining and electro-winning
  • Zinc roasting and electrolysis
  • Chemical electrolysis of Chlor-alkali, NaCl, HCl

These factories use high voltage and high current equipment. The equipment is subject to high temperatures, mechanical stress, acids and other chemical substances. Solidcure has built up the necessary experience to tackle the challenges on the level of insulation. Insulating parts to be used for cellhouses, busbar-systems, cranes, electrostatic filters can be provided or produced. 

Heavy duty insulators

Insulators that are used to support installations with a high weight. These insulators are made out of epoxy or porcelain. The fittings can be made out of the highest grade of stainless steel. 

Custum insulating parts made of composite materials

Custom insulating parts can be used in cellhouses, electrolysis enviroments, furnaces, and areas subject to high temperatures.  Materials used are: epoxy, polyimide and silicone. The materials can be casted or machined out of glass fabric reinforced plates, rods or tubes. Composites have a stable geometry at high temperature and have a minimal deformation when subjected to loads. The properties de not deteriorate with age. 

Custum insulating parts made of technical ceramics

Technical ceramics are used in a variety of applications: 

  • Electrical insulators
  • Ceramic nozzles, ceramic thread guides, furnace parts, ceramic bearings, sliding and bearing rings
  • Molten metal handling, pumps for abrasive or high temperature material, high temperature applications

The ceramics used are: Alumina, Boron nitride, Silicium nitride, Steatite, Zirconia, Magenisium oxide, Glass ceramics, Metallized ceramics  

Insulators for rolling bridges

Electric Overhead Travel (EOT) cranes. Insulators to support feeding busbars. Suited for:

  • heavy polluted areas
  • resistant to high temperature fluctuations
  • equiped with sliding clamps
  • suited for indoor and outdoor usage