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Busbar and Flexible Busbar

Flexible Insulated Laminated Connectors

  • Standardized range available off the shelf or customized to your specifications
  • Made from copper lamellas, tinned or bare copper
  • PVC, silicone or santoprene insulation
  • The best alternative to rigid busbars
  • Usage: switch cabinets, switchgears systems, connecting generators, transformers, switching equipment. 

Copper and aluminium busbar

  • We manufacture Copper busbars and Aluminium busbars to suit a variety of applications. 
  • Made in plain, tin-plated: either bright or dull, or bright nickel.
  • Busbars can be fabricated to any shape or size.

Laminated busbar

A laminated busbar are a series of copper strips press welded together.

The laminated busbar, also called shunt or compensator is a flexible connector to alliviate vibration, component movement or mis-alignment.

  • Made in plain, tin-plated, silver-plated copper.
  • The strips range from 0.1mm to 0.3mm in thickness, and the shunt assemblies are between 10mm and 40mm thick.
  • Rivetted, press-tinned or presswelded assemblies
  • The ends can be drilled, presswelded, welded, bent or configured to customer requirements. 

Flexible busbar, Braided flexible, Flexible connector, Power conductor, Transformer braid

A flexible busbar, with connectors pressed on multiple copper braids. 

  • Available in plain, tinned or nickel plated copper braids
  • Nickel plated copper for high temperature applications
  • Cross sectional area, length according to individual needs. 
  • Straight or bended configuration
  • Our braided flexible busbars can be made to customer requirements.