Separable cable connectors

SolidCure is a distributor of Euromold Separable Connectors. 

Euromold is the leading European specialised designer, manufacturer and distributor of prefabricated cable accessories for medium voltage energy distribution. Euromold provides a complete range of accessories for underground cables: premoulded EPDM rubber connectors for cables and epoxy bushings for transformers and switchgear, as well as a large range of cold-shrinkable terminations and joints from 12 to 42 kV.

All our products meet the International standards like CENELEC HD 629.1, CENELEC EN 50180, IEC 60137, IEC 60502-4… or country specifications.

All parts are manufactured in Belgium


Interface A1

Interface A1 according to EN50180 and EN50181

12kV/17.5kV/24kV - 250A

  • Straight connector (152SR)
  • Elbow connector (158LR)
  • Straight plug (151SP)
  • Surge arrestor (156SA)

Dimensions equipment bushings type A1


connector interface A1
Elbow connector interface A1


connector interface A1 152SR
Straight connector interface A1 (152SR)


connector interface A1 158LR
Elbow connector interface A1 (158LR)


Interface B

Interface B according to EN50180 and EN50181

12kV/17.5kV/24kV/36kV - 400A

  • Elbow connector (400LR)
  • Tee connector (400TE)


bushing interface B
Dimensions equipment bushing type B


connector interface B
Elbow connector interface B


connector interface B 400TE
T-connector interface B (400TE)

connector interface B 400LR
Elbow connector interface B (400LR)

Interface C1 C2

Interface C1 C2 according to EN50180 and EN50181

12kV/24kV/36kV/42kV - 630A

  • Tee connector (480TB, 484TB, 489TB, 430TB)
  • Coupling connector (800PB, 804PB, 809PB, 300PBM)
  • Straight connector (450SR)
  • Surge arrester (800SA)
bushing interface C
Dimensions equipment bushing type C1 C2


interface C
Connector interface C compact


connector interface C symmetric
Connector interface C symmetric



interface C 480TB
Connector interface C (480TB)

connector interface C
Connector interface C (400LB)

interface C 400TB
Connector interface C (400TB)

interface C 484TB
Connector interface C (484TB)

interface C 489TB
Connector interface C (489TB)

Connectors interface C 480TB+800PB

interface C 440TB
Connector interface C (440TB)


Interface D, E, F

For these interfaces we refer to our catalogues

Jumpers and test leads

Jumpers are prefabricated lengths of cable on which separable connectors or terminations are installed on each end. Jumpers are used as fixed solutions in windturbines, transformers,...
Test leads are typically used to perform tests on electrical installations, transformers, motors...


Cable jumper


Cable jumper


Jumpers comprise:
1. Connector or termination adapted to the chosen interface type and chosen voltage class
2. Cable
3. A screen wire finishing with an earthing lug is standard. Other finishings are available upon request.
All Jumpers are standard tested for AC withstand and partial discharge before leaving the factory. Other tests can be done on request.

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