Plug in bushing


  • Plug in bushings or equipment bushings are epoxy moulded parts.
  • They are used to connect cables to oil filled or gas filled equipment, typically transformers, switch gears and capacitors
  • They offer a quick connection of the cable plug to the equipment
  • They are delivered with a complete installation set
  • According to EN50180


The set consists of 

plug in bushing, plugin bushing, EN50180, EN 50180
  • (1) protective cover
  • (2) Connection interface
  • (3) Aluminium clamps according to E DIN42538
  • (4) Gasket
  • (5) Connection nut
  • (6) Washer
  • (7) Fixing shoe
  • (8) Earth jumper
  • (9) Fixing flange according to A or B DIN42538
  • (10) Main body
  • (11) Connection bolt  



Voltage Current Interface
12kV, 24kV 250A A
36kV 250A A
12kV, 24kV, 36kV 400A B
12kV, 24kV, 36kV 630A C



Three types of interfaces are used for the connection: A, B or C according to EN 50180

interface A, interface B, interface C, EN50180, EN 50180