Engineering services

Next to the manufacturing of custom parts, SolidCure also designs and manufactures mechanical structures for: 

  • High voltage lines
    • Design of insulator assemblies for high voltage lines
    • Design and manufacturing of cross-arms
    • Calculation of sag, distance of poles
  • Design of constructions for mounting of electrical equipment, substations
  • Frames to support insulators, busbars, bushings
  • Test equipment
  • Connection boxes
  • High voltage equipment


Connection box



Connection box for transformator


Custom bushing including frame


Custom bushing to fit into fire resistant wall



Test setup for high voltage sticks


Custom Machine building    

This activity is known under the trademark "Decamet"

  • Decamet is specialised in the design and construction of custom production machines.
  • All projects are completed in-house:
    • Concept development
    • Mechanical design
    • Electrical design
    • Manufacturing
    • Mouting and testing
    • Maintenance


  • Robotised assembling and handling systems 
  • Production machines
  • Transport systems
  • Grippers

Oven for treatment of car seats


assembling machine for airbag parts



clinching machine


Clinching machine


Assembling line with 6 axis robot 


Assembling line with 6-axis robot

Gripper for injection machine


Conveyor system



Machining of metal and synthetic parts

  • Engineering and design: based on your requirements we design your parts and make the necessary drawings
  • Machining of parts, electro erosion, grinding
  • Surface treatment: anodising, tempering, nickle plating, sand blasting, lacquering

Welded constructions in steel, stainless steel and aluminum

  • Engineering and design: based on your requirements we design the construction , and make the necessary drawings 
  • Welding of steel constructions according the standards

Machined parts


Machined parts