DNV-KEMA High Voltage Lab


Client Highlights 

In 2015-2016, DNV GL (former KEMA) was conducting a lab extension project in Arnhem, the Netherlands, in which the present set of four generator lines is expanded by another two generator lines. This will increase the total available short-circuit power to 12600/15000 MVA (50/60 Hz) and a maximum single-phase short-circuit power of  7500 MVA at 50 Hz. Currents up to more than 1Mio A are now possible, which is unique in the world !


The DNV GL (former KEMA) High-Power Laboratory (HPL) in Arnhem, the Netherlands is a globally operating, independent laboratory for testing and certification of medium- and high-voltage components used in the electrical infrastructure. HPL is equipped with four generators (SCG6-9), each capable to generate a three-phase short-circuit power in the test bay of 2100/2500 MVA (50/60 Hz). The generators can be run in parallel to achieve a maximum three-phase short-circuit power of 8400/10000 MVA and a maximum single-phase short-circuit power of 5.000 MVA.
Using configurable transformers, the generator’s output current and voltage can be adapted to suit the rated voltage of the equipment under test. In the scope of the extension project, four new configurable transformers have been installed. If all the existing and new transformers are connected in series, a configuration results which can deliver single-phase power up to 550 kV, 13 kA, referenced to earth. At lower voltages a current of more than 1Mio A is now possible. 


Engie Fabricom has designed and installed the high and medium voltage connections. Engie engaged Solid-Cure for the design and manufacturing of the insulators for the medium voltage part of the lab and for the disconnectors.  The infrastructure and the insulators are designed to withstand extreme mechanical forces. 


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